The Most wonderful Time of Year— Holiday Blend!

Featured - Holiday Blend

I love this coffee. It’s a forest of flavours. It’s the Yin and the Yang mixed together. The lights and darks blended to create a harmony of full-balanced delight.

It pairs well with eggnog, cream, Irish whiskey… you know—all the seasonal indulgences!

What’s in the Holiday Blend?

The bright, fruity, and juicy flavours of medium roasted African beans. Next, I blend in the full, earthy, cedary tobacco flavours of the Sumatran beans—carefully roasted to a Viennese. Lastly, I take the mild, malty and sweet flavours of my favourite Central American beans to fill out the mid-tones.


says the mad scientist

A balanced, bright, and full bodied seasonal beverage. And this year, I’ve been consuming it since October since we’ve been needing a bit more cheer in our lives during 2020.

Interested in ordering some now, here’s the product in more detail.

Cheers! -CG


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1 thought on “The Most wonderful Time of Year— Holiday Blend!”

  1. Due to frustrating supply issues, I won’t be able to produce this blend this year, in 2022. I still have beans, two yummy and unique coffees from Colombia in fact (thanks to our friends over at Carolina’s) but not in the right combination to make this. Sorry! But do try the COLOMBIAN Holiday!

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