The Coffee Co.

Gooderham Coffee Co. aims to bring you the regional flavour characteristics and delectable aromas of truly fresh coffee. The end result? Coffee that is sweet, not bitter, packed with aroma and richness, the way it was meant to be.

By roasting coffee to order and stamping each bag with the roast date, Gooderham Coffee Co. hopes to answer these valuable questions for you:

  • Where did your coffee come from?
  • How was it grown?
  • Who roasted it? (hint)
  • How should you brew it?

The Gooderham Coffee Co. mantra, “You can do it! Smell this…” strives to lift your spirits and inspire you to take a moment to yourself, to recharge your brain with fresh aromas.

Supporting coffee lovers, parents, world leaders, and followers with new hope and inspiration through fresh roasted coffee.

“You can do it! Smell this…”

Chris Gooderham, Owner/Coffee Roaster/Father

The Roaster — Chris Gooderham

Inspired by his parents, who raised him at “The Burning Rock” on the shores of Raven Lake, Chris developed his keen senses and love of Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, and the magic of combustion. This obsession with fire (don’t worry, it’s all good!) fuelled Chris’ passion for burning things (in a controlled environment, of course!) and would lead to his mastery of pyrolysis— the coffee roasting process.

As a small-batch, artisan coffee roaster, Chris has a passion for blending and developing the sweet, delicate aromas found only in freshly roasted coffee.

Chris roasts organically grown, ethically traded, 100% arabica coffee beans with precision and care. In support of mental health and taking personal breaks throughout the day, he developed the “You can do it… Smell this!” mantra.

Chief Coffee Roaster, Chris Gooderham
Equipped with a 6 lb San Franciscan coffee roaster, Chris strives to support coffee lovers, sleep-deprived parents, and world leaders with fresh roasted beans.

The Story

Gooderham’s relationship with roasting coffee beans dates back to the summer of 2001 when he met the Fair Trade green coffee been importers, Merchant of Green Coffee in Toronto.

Chris was a vendor at the Riverdale Farmer’s Market selling organic lettuce (with the amazing Dianne Kretchmar) when the new vendors next to him fired up their Fresh RoastTM and began roasting the most exquisite organic coffee he had ever tasted (It was their Costa Rican Monte De Oro). Chris became a green bean member on the spot and quickly mastered the art of home roasting.

In 2006, Chris became Peterborough’s first micro-roaster, introducing fresh roasted organic coffees from around the world to the Market, with the roast date stamped on the bag. Read about how all good things start in a garage.


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