Honduras - Cafe Solar

Batch 17

Been too long! Was really nice to roast again after basically a month off. Roasted only one type of coffee today. First batch of three Cafe Solar. Final temp 424°F with 3.5 lbs

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Batch 12

Last batch of the day, 3rd of 3 for today. I successfully connected the roaster to my computer today via the Artisan roast profile software. Pretty cool, I tell ya! One thing I’m not doing yet is measuring precisely the pre roast / post roast bean weights, which would give me the % shrinkage. It

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Batch 11

Cafe Solar is here! This is my second time roasting this beautiful Honduras coffee. The first time was about 20 min ago. 😉 I loaded a full 6 lbs again for this batch. I took a bit too long to roast this one; guess I was focussing on the successful connection to the Roasting profile

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Batch 10

Cafe Solar is here! My first time roasting this coffee, ever. The green bean smells so fresh and grassy when rolled into the palm. I loaded a full 6 lbs in the roaster for this batch. Had the roasted nicely pre-heated and took this batch to ~425°F in about a 12 min.

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