Batch 11

Cafe Solar is here!

This is my second time roasting this beautiful Honduras coffee. The first time was about 20 min ago. 😉

I loaded a full 6 lbs again for this batch. I took a bit too long to roast this one; guess I was focussing on the successful connection to the Roasting profile software. I ended up taking this roast to 430°F in over a 15 min. The end result is still a good coffee > Medium to full city roast. But as I cup this, I’m finding it a bit less bright than it could be.

Mind you!…

this would be fantastic for espresso!

Smooth and syrupy, hints of honey, citrus-like earth aromas. Brewed strong, this is a good full body, light acidy coffee. I think I can get bolder and brighter notes out of this coffee by shortening the roast time.