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How to get Gooderham Coffee?

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I roast coffee beans to order so you know it’s fresh. My roasted coffee doesn’t sit on a shelf, nor need to be wrapped in single-use plastic film packaging when it’s roasted to order. (I use biodegradable craft bags.)

Currently, I roast on Tuesdays and make beans available for pickup on Wednesdays. I’m within the City of Peterborough, and offer free delivery for orders of > 2 lbs within Peterborough. (Pickup is always free and available from my pickup plank when you sign up as a customer).

You can place your orders anytime during the week and I’ll include it with the next roast date.

Orders received before Monday evening (within one day of my roast day) will be included that with week’s roast. Orders received on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will be roasted on the following Tuesday.)